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3 Screen Static Sim

A high quality, entry level driving simulator for automotive system test and development

Allowing meaningful testing far earlier in the vehicle development process

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Highly immersive

The aVDS-S has an active brake pedal, seat and active steering force feedback system, which means users get a more immersive driver-in-the-loop experience from a static system than anything currently available.

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Consistent software toolchain

The static simulator uses the Simpia software suite which is consistent throughout AB Dynamics' family of driving simulators. It can take you from virtual testing in the laboratory to real-world testing on the track in a single digital environment and precisely correlate the results. The immersive digital content is provided by leading software supplier rFpro.

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Tailored solutions

The static simulator has a compact mobile chassis with integrated electronics and PC hardware which enables it to be easily transported. Bespoke options are available for both the display and chassis to cater for all budget requirements.

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Expand your capabilities

The static simulator can be used across a breadth of applications, including: vehicle dynamics, ADAS and autonomous systems, durability, hardware-in-the-loop, software-in-the-loop and driver monitoring.

To learn more about this exciting product, discuss your requirements or to arrange a demonstration, please contact AB Dynamics at SimulatorEnquiries@abdynamics.com

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