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Soft Pedestrian Target

Precise choreography for Vulnerable Road User dummies

The Soft Pedestrian System from AB Dynamics harnesses our decades of motion control experience for a novel purpose. Using the motor and control technology behind our steering robots, we can precisely synchronise the movement of a dummy with that of an oncoming vehicle.

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Ideal for testing AEB systems and automated driving

The SPT has been designed to be suitable for testing Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) systems and the RC software includes a pre-defined test group matching the Euro NCAP test standards. It is also ideal for testing automated driving technology.

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SPT20 vs SPT20S

For customers who have an SR60 or SR60 Torus steering robot, these can be used as the drive motor for the SPT20. It is a simple job to attach the steering robot to the SPT20 drive unit and it can just as easily be removed for use as a steering robot when needed. The SPT20 is the lowest-cost synchronised pedestrian sled system on the market. 

The SPT20S is a self-contained version with its own motor and controller.

Track Fi Pro

Familiar software interface; powerful synchronisation

The SPT uses the same RC software as our driving robots, and creating a motion profile is simple. Synchronisation is guaranteed thanks to AB Dynamics’ powerful Synchro technology and TrackFi radio telemetry.

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Flexible design for a range of VRU testing

The SPT20 and SPT20S are suitable for a range of Vulnerable Road User (VRU) tests, thanks to a flexible design concept. The sleds can carry pedestrian or cyclist dummies and a single-belt option is available for motion parallel to the subject vehicle. The powerful motor is easily capable of achieving the required accelerations and velocities for cyclist tests*. Click here to read about the recent upgrade which has been developed specifically for longitudinal testing scenarios.

*Optional mains PSU is recommended for high speed operation such as with a cyclist dummy

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The choice of the standard-setters

AB Dynamics’ Soft Pedestrian Target is used around the world by the organisations that define tomorrow’s tests, including Euro NCAP labs, NHTSA, Transport Canada, CATARC and KATRI.