Transducer Mounting Struts

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AB Dynamics' transducer mounting struts enable feedback devices such as gyros, accelerometers and GPS motion packs to be quickly and rigidly mounted in a vehicle.

Available in a variety of configurations, we offer tailor-made brackets for mounting equipment. The transducer mounting strut is also used to mount the gearshift robot in the vehicle.

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Mounting options

The standard version of the transducer strut installs in seconds between the floor and the roof of the vehicle. An optional kit is available for use in vehicles with panoramic glass roofs. The unique folding arched foot enables transmission tunnels to be bridged and maximum yaw stiffness.

The transducer strut is designed to have no vibration modes below 50Hz. A spring pre-load mechanism allows it to cope with accelerations, shock and vehicle body deflection.

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