Gearchange Robot

Designed for remote, automated control of manual and auto transmissions, the gearchange robot enhances the capability of your driving robots, creating new testing possibilities.

With the Gearchange Robot’s ability to change gears in a manual or switch modes in an automatic, driverless robots can do even more of the work for you and complete more realistic test cycles. Some of the applications of gearshift robots include testing the effects of reversing into a pothole or other obstacles (reverse misuse), testing the durability of the gearbox and clutch by repeatedly reversing and turning on an incline (the ‘driveway test’), and testing the advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) of manual vehicles that need to follow a predefined speed profile. By using gearchange robots, you can reduce the human intervention and error in your testing process and achieve more realistic and reliable results.


The Gearchange Robot is designed to be easy to use while allowing complex test scenarios to be created and run with unparalleled accuracy.

Gearchange Robot
Max fore-aft force
200 N
Max lateral force
100 N
Max fore-aft stroke
±150 mm *
Max lateral stroke
±100 mm *
Nominal fore-aft force @ speed
90 N @ 1000 mm/s
Gear change time
Typically, ≤0.25 seconds

*Note: Stroke is typically limited by spherical joint angle. Larger linear strokes may be accommodated on vehicles where the angular movement of the gear lever is less

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