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Wireless Telemetry

Track Fi Pro 2 Network

Dependable data transfer, even in difficult environments

For driverless testing and ADAS targets

100% reliable data transfer to the base station is essential. Having evaluated existing solutions on the market and found them lacking, AB Dynamics developed the TrackFi wireless telemetry system.

We can also offer the meshing TrackFi Pro system for more challenging environments (such as those without line-of-sight, or where multi-path transmission is a challenge).



TrackFi offers point-to-point data transfer using the standard 5GHz WLAN frequency, paired with specially designed, high-gain antennae.

Data transfer bandwidth of 6 Mbit/s is possible at a range of 1km, making it suitable for sending real-time test data or even video.


  • Vehicle to base

    Driverless testing or ADAS vehicle targets

  • Vehicle to vehicle

    For ADAS scenarios

  • Vehicle to Pedestrian

    Soft Pedestrian Target

We are still supporting current TrackFi Pro is systems - contact us directly to discuss. View our new TrackFi PowerMesh page for high bandwidth data transfer between multiple vehicles.

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