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TrackFi PowerMesh

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Secure high bandwidth data transfer

TrackFi PowerMesh is a premium dual band wireless mesh network, capable of creating secure scalable wireless networks to provide low latency and high bandwidth data transfer between multiple vehicles. Making it the ideal solution for vehicle track testing including Euro NCAP protocols, and driverless durability and misuse testing.

How Close Are We To Full Autonomy

Complete connectivity of all test vehicles and objects

TrackFi PowerMesh provides robust communication between systems and the base station. This enables the control and monitoring of systems on a proving ground through Ground Traffic Control and precise ADAS testing through Synchro. As a result, engineers and researchers are empowered to gather accurate and real-time data from multiple systems, enabling more efficient testing and analysis.

Vehicle Knockdown Unit

Designed for the most challenging environments

By overcoming challenges such as high-speed testing, real-world interference, and obstacles, TrackFi PowerMesh ensures uninterrupted communication for users. It is suitable for use in areas with obstructions such as trees or buildings and is immune to destructive multi-path interference. The meshing technology employed by TrackFi PowerMesh intelligently routes data, adapting to dynamically changing scenarios. TrackFi PowerMesh also offers the flexibility to scale networks and cover large areas, making it suitable for a wide range of track testing environments. So whether it's a small testing facility or a sprawling track, the system can be seamlessly expanded to meet specific needs.

TrackFi PowerMesh ensures optimal performance and data integrity, allowing engineers to focus on testing without worrying about data loss or latency.

Track Fi Power Mesh Vehicle Node For Driverless Vehicle Testing Over Large Areas

Case Study: Growth of Driverless and ADAS Testing

The recent growth in wireless data transfer from the increasing use of driverless traffic in automotive testing is causing significant issues for the industry.

Increasingly complex test scenarios require the use of driverless vehicles and other moving elements, such as ADAS targets, which must all be in constant communication with each other. This increase in data transfer can result in interference and signal dropout, triggering fail-safe architectures to stop the test, meaning that test scenarios have to be reset and repeated. In this case study, discover how the implementation of TrackFi PowerMesh by Renault enhanced the efficiency of their Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) testing.

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System Options

Our TrackFi PowerMesh offers a comprehensive and wireless telemetry solution that combines uninterrupted communication, dynamic data routing, scalable network coverage, enhanced data security, and simplified operation.

  • Vehicle compact unit

    Robust compact design to be used where antennas must remain upright e.g. on base stations and durability vehicles.

  • Vehicle knockdown unit

    With fold-down antennas this option is ideal for use in ADAS tests where a soft target could cause damage.

  • Trackside static unit

    The trackside static unit can be rapidly deployed to extend mesh coverage.

  • Guided soft targets

    External breakaway cables ensure there is minimal damage when performing ADAS testing.

  • LaunchPad integration

    Configured either using the integral antennas for simplicity or external breakaway connectors for increased range.

  • Trackside battery unit

    Used to power static units in locations where mains power is not available. Typically lasts 48hrs of continuous use.

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