Ab Dynamics Sm360 Final

Soft Car 360

Soft Car 360 is the official vehicle target for Euro NCAP 2020 testing

Soft Car 360 is a lightweight, durable vehicle target with the proven ability to perform the Euro NCAP 2020 LSS test at a closing speed of 144kph. It has been adopted by Euro NCAP and NHTSA as the Global Vehicle Target for safe ADAS testing.

Sm360 4

Aerodynamic stability

The structural design of the Soft Car 360 body results in unparalleled aerodynamic stability at speeds of up to 120km/h, essential for ensuring that the target is reliably recognised by test vehicles’ ADAS sensors.

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Accurate resemblance from all directions

With a combination of photo-realistic outer skin and built-in radar reflectivity, the Soft Car 360 body has been extensively tested by AB Dynamics and its customers to ensure that it is recognised as a real car by ADAS sensors.

The standard vehicle body is a Fiesta, but AB Dynamics can also offer a Smart Car, and custom bodies are available on customer request.

Relevant standards and protocols

  • Euro NCAP TB25
  • Euro NCAP TB29
  • ISO 19206-3

Sm360 1

Enhanced durability and uptime

Modular construction means that assembly and reconstruction after an impact is quick and simple.

The Soft Motorcycle 360’s foam core is coated in an abrasion-resistant rubberised skin, which can be repaired in the field to optimise uptime. It also ensures that there is no exposed foam, which is highly susceptible to wear.

Sm360 2

Setting the standard

The target complies with Euro NCAP 2023 and ISO 19206-5 draft requirements. Used with our LaunchPad 80 platform, the target is capable of an 80km/h top speed, meaning it is suitable for testing to the new 2023 Euro NCAP car-to-motorcycle test scenarios.

Sm360 6

Designed for test engineers by test engineers

The Soft Motorcycle 360 is designed and engineered by Dynamic Research, Inc (DRI) in California.For decades DRI has provided research and testing services for the world's leading OEMs, completing hundreds of tests per year, including FMVSS, NHTSA NCAP and Euro NCAP tests.

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