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Flex0 Control Your Vehicles

How can I use the Flex-0?

Control your vehicles

As shown in the video above, OEMs can enable access to their vehicles by providing an interface between our standard CAN output and the data format required by the vehicles.  This typically requires a small real-time processor to run the interface, such as a dSpace Micro Autobox.  This approach means that the customer does not need to disclose details of its by-wire interface to third parties.  (image – still from Volvo video)


当社の走行ロボット同様、有線制御は、車両内に運転手が搭乗しているかの有無にかかわらず使用できます。 危険なテストでの無人運転テストでは、完全駆動のロボットシステムと比較して、車両に搭載されているハードウェアの量が大幅に削減されます。

AB Dynamicsは、無人運転テスト用のS-Brakeバックアップ安全ブレーキを提供します。 主制御システムを監視している安全コントローラが内蔵されているため、S-Brakeは問題の発生時にブレーキをかけて車両を停止させることができます。

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Use RC, Path following and Synchro

Manoeuvres are programmed using the same RC software used across the AB Dynamics range and can even be copied from those run previously with robots, including steering inputs, path-following and pedal inputs. The Flex-0 can be used our patented Synchro technology, meaning the vehicle can be synchronised with other human or robot-driven vehicles and ADAS targets.

With or without a driver onboard


Just like with our driving robots, by-wire control can be used with or without a human driver in the vehicle. For driverless testing in dangerous tests, this greatly reduces the amount of hardware installed in the vehicle, when compared to using a full driving robot system.

AB Dynamics offers the S-Brake backup safety brake for driverless testing. With an in-built safety controller monitoring the main control system, the S-Brake can apply the brakes to stop the vehicle in the event of a problem.

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