Path Following

Enhancing driving robot capabilities with precision and accuracy.

Key features

AB Dynamics’ Path Following software uses feedback from GNSS inertial navigation systems to make real-time corrections to the vehicle or ADAS platform’s steering, precisely guiding it along a desired path, even at high speeds and high levels of lateral acceleration.

  • Can be used for short duration tests, such as the ISO lane-change, and for long tests such as multiple laps of a durability circuit
  • Offers significant improvements in vehicle testing accuracy and repeatability, leading in turn to cost and time saving
  • Lateral position accuracy up to 2 cm or better (in a straight line).
  • Can be used on any suitable test track without need for any modification to the track surface
  • Can be used safely and reliably at speeds of over 200 km/h
  • Maintains stability through precision steering even in the event of over-steer
  • Multiple vehicles can be synchronised along complex paths using GNSS time
  • Software is available in modules, each tailored for a specific type of testing
  • Compatible with major IMU providers including OxTS, GeneSys and Racelogic

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