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By-wire vehicle control – an alternative to driving robots

Our Flex-0 controller offers many of the advantages of driving robots, such as accurate path-following and use of our patented Synchro choreography. Instead of mechanical actuators, it controls the vehicle via CAN or Ethernet messages.

The video on the right shows some typical uses.

How can I use the Flex-0?

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Control your vehicles

As shown in the video above, OEMs can enable access to their vehicles by providing an interface between our standard CAN output and the data format required by the vehicles. This typically requires a small real-time processor to run the interface, such as a dSpace Micro Autobox. This approach means that the customer does not need to disclose details of its by-wire interface to third parties.

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Control other vehicles

We can offer fully interfaced drive-by-wire solutions for a range of vehicles, including those from Kia and Ford. This allows production vehicles to be used as synchronised traffic in test scenarios for ADAS and self-driving cars.

Watch this video of a drive-by-wire vehicle directly controlled using our Flex-0 controller performing ADAS scenarios like the AEB car-to-car rear braking (CCRb).

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