Testing the future of driving

AB Dynamics’ automotive toolchain enables scenarios and data to be shared between virtual and real-world testing seamlessly.

Advanced solutions are used for ADAS testing, autonomous vehicle technology evaluation, development of suspension, chassis and steering systems, and vehicle dynamics.

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Our areas of expertise

Vehicle Driving Simulator


The AB Dynamics simulation product family includes workstation, desktop, static and dynamic variants for use in automotive and motorsport applications. All systems are controlled by the aVDS software that is agnostic to both models and visualisation solutions. rFpro is the recommended visualisation environment. AB Dynamics' software tool chain enables the simulators to seamlessly share scenarios with our track test systems, thereby reducing the time required for effective real-world validation of virtual world results. This means timescales are reduced and development activities are more productive.

Steering Robot And Combined Brake And Accelerator Robot From Ab Dynamics

Proving ground automation

A range of products used to conduct complex, multi-object vehicle test scenarios on test tracks and proving grounds, which all share a common, easy-to-use software interface that makes programming simple and straightforward. This includes Driving Robots, ADAS targets, drive-by-wire systems, path following and synchronisation software, a full proving ground management solution and high-performance wireless telemetry systems allowing reliable data transfer from vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-base.

Lab Testing

Measurement and analysis systems

High-precision motion control and measurement are particular specialities of ours, used across our range of automotive measurement and analysis products. Our class-leading K&C machine has been chosen around the world for over 25 years and is complemented by our systems for testing steering systems and measuring suspension system NVH.

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