Heavy Vehicle Adas Testing

Heavy Vehicle Testing

Lorry And Adas Target

As demands for safer and more advanced heavy commercial vehicle ADAS systems continue to grow, rigorous testing becomes essential. AB Dynamics’ comprehensive range of products, including ADAS targets, platforms, driving robots and software, have been designed to cater to the unique needs of heavy vehicle testing.

By simulating real-world scenarios and providing precise testing capabilities, our solutions enable manufacturers, regulators, and researchers to evaluate and enhance the safety features of commercial vehicles. With AB Dynamics' market-leading technologies and industry expertise, we are dedicated to supporting the advancement of heavy vehicle testing, driving innovation, and ultimately contributing to safer roads for all.

Sr 150 Truck Test

Driving robots

By combining an AB Dynamics steering and pedal robots together with our path following software and an IMU, we can deliver the exceptional accuracy necessary for repeatable and efficient ADAS testing.

The AB Dynamics SR 150 steering robot stands as a testament to our commitment to developing cutting-edge solutions for heavy vehicle testing. Specifically designed to meet the unique demands of testing commercial vehicles, the SR 150 combines advanced technology and exceptional versatility. With a maximum torque of 150Nm (the highest torque of any AB Dynamics robot), this robust robot offers the precise steering control required for ADAS testing.

The use of pedal robots enables far more accurate and repeatable braking and speed control than can be achieved by a human driver. With our brake robots it is possible to achieve consistent accurate braking inputs such as those required for Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) tests.

Launch Pad Products

The LaunchPad Range

The LaunchPad range of powered platforms covers all VRU testing scenarios ranging from low-speed pedestrian testing through to high speed motorcycle testing. Our LaunchPad 80 and Spin products are heavy vehicle ready and come with a 44-tonne truck drive over capacity as standard. LaunchPad 50 and 60 products can be optioned in a heavy-duty configuration. The LaunchPad range has been specifically developed to withstand tough testing scenarios, enabling the development of compliant ADAS technologies for heavy vehicles.


The GST System

The GST system has emerged as a leading solution for heavy vehicle testing, catering to the specific needs of this sector. The Guided Soft Target (GST) is a pilotable target system which looks like another car to your test vehicle. The self-propelled GST Platform carries the Soft Car 360 impactable vehicle target, which separates into lightweight parts on impact. The GST Platform is available in heavy duty versions with top speeds of 100 km/h and 120 km/h.

As heavy vehicle safety becomes increasingly vital, AB Dynamics' GST system continues to set the benchmark, contributing to the development of safer and more reliable commercial vehicles.

Soft Pedestrian 360 Active Articulation

ADAS Targets

AB Dynamics offers a comprehensive range of targets developed by our sister company DRI. DRI led the way in the development of three-dimensional surrogate test targets with the Soft Car 360 and have since added the Soft Pedestrian 360 and the Soft Motorcycle 360 to the range. The range has been designed for durability, realism and to minimise vehicle damage, enabling accurate and reliable testing of heavy vehicles' detection and collision avoidance systems.

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