Elements Of The System 2

31st May 2011

2nd SPMM installed in China

Changan Spmm

The installation in China of a new state-of-the-art Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine for vehicle K&C testing has been completed. The 4 wheel station SPMM 4000 installed at the Chongqing Changan Automobile Company R&D site is the 2nd SPMM to be installed in China. 

In operation, the SPMM automatically subjects the suspension and steering of a vehicle to a variety of forces and displacements and measures the effects. The SPMM measures the wheel displacements and the forces and moments occurring at the tyre to road interface, caused by bounce, roll and pitch of the vehicle body and also by the application of simulated cornering, braking and traction forces.

The 4 wheel station version of the machine can measure both axles of a vehicle simultaneously and will provide a full set of suspension and steering measurements for a vehicle in just a few hours. 

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