Euro NCAP approves the Soft Pedestrian 360


We are proud to announce that the Soft Pedestrian 360 has been approved by Euro NCAP for official testing. This means that the Soft Pedestrian 360 can now be used to evaluate the performance of vehicle safety systems in all Euro NCAP’s pedestrian adult-based test scenarios.

The Soft Pedestrian 360 is a state-of-the-art VRU (Vulnerable Road User) target that mimics the realistic movements and appearance of a human pedestrian. It has been designed by our sister company DRI, a leading provider of ADAS test equipment.

To achieve Euro NCAP approval, the Soft Pedestrian 360 had to undergo a rigorous assessment process and demonstrate that it meets the specific requirements set by the organisation. We also supplied certification data and extensive back-to-back test data in partnership with an established Euro NCAP lab to ensure the reliability, accuracy and effectiveness of our target.

On achieving TB 029 status, Dr Andrew Pick, Track Test Director at AB Dynamics said:

“We are thrilled that Euro NCAP has approved the Soft Pedestrian 360 for official testing, Euro NCAP ADAS testing is expanding and becoming increasingly complex to better reflect real world performance. This necessitates a highly realistic target, so we are delighted that our product meets Euro NCAP’s high standards.”

Key features of the Soft Pedestrian 360 include:

  • Sophisticated articulation at the knee, hip, shoulder, and neck enhances the realism of the target and allows it to replicate a wide range of movements beyond what a passive system can achieve.
  • Modular architecture with minimal external hardpoints designed to minimise damage to test vehicles during crash test.
  • Protected servos are fully encased in foam within each component and a novel slipper clutch prevents servos from being backdriven during collisions, enhancing durability.
  • Hard-wearing fabric clothing that is easily and cost-effectively replaceable, if damaged.

The Soft Pedestrian 360 is the latest addition to our growing range of Euro NCAP-approved test equipment, which also includes the Soft Car 360 and the Soft Motorcycle 360 ADAS targets and the LaunchPad target propulsion systems.

Learn more about the Soft Pedestrian 360 here, or contact us at

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