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4th Apr 2013

EuroNCAP AEB testing

Aeb Evt Cropped

ABD robots take key role in the development of major new EuroNCAP test procedure.

From 2014, vehicles will need to be fitted with Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) to have a chance of a 5-star EuroNCAP safety rating. ABD has been working closely with the main testing providers for EuroNCAP to provide the systems needed to perform these new tests.

Thatcham, Idiada and UTAC have been using ABD robots already for several years, with extensive use of SR60 and Torus steering robots for sine-dwell testing and other applications. Now, these and other NCAP partners are using ABD steering and pedal robots to develop the necessary tests for AEB testing.

In this photo, an SR60 steering robot with path-following is being used to tow the soft target along the test path with high accuracy, before a braking manoeuvre is triggered. The test vehicle is following (out of shot), and its AEB system should react to the deceleration of the soft target.

ABD can offer competitively-priced robot packages to enable its customers to perform the latest test procedures - contact us for details.

ADAC, Europe's largest automobile club and EuroNCAP test partner, has recently ordered a steering and pedal robot system from ABD to enhance its ADAS test capabilities.

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