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Launch of SPMM 5000

Volvo Publicity Picture

ABD announces the launch of the SPMM 5000, the latest incarnation of its successful kinematics and compliance machine. 

Like the proven SPMM 4000 on which it is based, the SPMM 5000 is a fixed ground-plane K&C test machine which measures suspension parameters and characteristics.

The SPMM 5000 can accommodate larger SUV vehicles, with the vertical stroke increased to +/-210mm and the nominal load capacity to 5,000kg. It also comes with longer wheel stations enabling vehicles ranging in size from very small up to those with a maximum wheel base of 4,450mm to be tested without comprising accuracy.

The SPMM 5000 uses a new generation of real-time controller to precisely control the motion of the machine. This is a state-of the art device with 10 times more computing power than its predecessor and improved data capture. Easy to upgrade as K&C test requirements become more demanding, it also provides an ideal platform for new and future SPMM developments.

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