11th Apr 2018

AB Dynamics demonstrates a driverless motorcycle

AB Dynamics has demonstrated a prototype driverless motorcycle system, developed in collaboration with AutoRD.

The technology demonstrator uses a BMW C1 motorbike with a steering controller designed by AutoRD to keep it upright, in future a more modern motorbike will be used. AB Dynamics provided an onboard robot controller running its standard RC software, meaning that the motion of the motorbike can be programmed using the standard RC software and path-following. Furthermore, AB Dynamics’ cross-platform Synchro technology allows coordination of the motorbike with other moving elements (cars, ADAS targets).

Senior systems engineer Dr Richard Simpson explains: “By using our industry-standard RC software, it allows a wide range of potential applications for the driverless motorbike. In this video, we demonstrate that excellent low-speed control is achievable, and also that we can synchronise the bike’s motion with other moving objects. We foresee interest from customers working in ADAS development and from those developing tests for self-driving cars. At the present moment, we have proved that the technology works, and now we are looking for interested potential customers to help us steer further development on this project. If you think a self-driving motorbike could be useful for your testing, please get in touch.”

Click here to view the Sky News broadcast of the driverless motorbike.

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