19th Oct 2018

AB Dynamics' equipment features in major new study

A new study has been released which demonstrates the limitations in current Assisted Driving technologies, featuring AB Dynamics' GST designed for safe ADAS testing. 

Euro NCAP has released a series of new videos which assess current Driver Assistance Systems available and demonstrates why drivers should not become over-reliant on them. Cut-out tests were proved to be the most challenging, this is where a car directly in front of the subject vehicle leaves the lane abruptly to avoid a stopped car ahead, leaving the system only a short time to identify and react to the situation. AB Dynamics' GST, a self-propelled platform which carries a soft vehicle target, was prominent in this test as it can be hit at speed causing no damage to the subject vehicle and therefore no injury to the driver.

AB Dynamics' wide range of ADAS targets are used for increasingly complex vehicle testing including moving test environments which prove the vehicle’s ability to drive safely. Scenarios can be performed accurately and repeatably.

Jeremy Ash, Head of Commercial at AB Dynamics said: "This is an important study from our customers within Euro NCAP as it highlights that drivers should be attentive at all times and not rely on these systems. Demand for our testing equipment from global vehicle manufacturers and test authorities is high and there is still a significant amount of testing to be done on these systems before drivers can be fully reliant on them."

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