27th Feb 2018

Orders received for two driverless durability testing systems

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AB Dynamics has received two orders from European commercial vehicle manufacturers for advanced driverless durability testing systems. The orders include the award-winning Driverless Test System (DTS) which comprises steering and pedal robots with our best-in-class path following capability. 

Durability testing involves a range of arduous accelerated-life test procedures designed to assess lifespans of vehicles and their components. Vehicles are typically driven across rough or undulating surfaces and performing the tests manually takes a heavy toll on a human driver.

Our unparalleled range of driving robots includes actuators designed specifically to cope with the rigours of this application, and our customers have been using the DTS for durability tests for over six years. 

The new orders will see the DTS used to test a range of vehicles from light trucks up to heavy-duty articulated earthmovers, across a variety of gruelling terrain. AB Dynamics’ wireless telemetry and base-station software will allow operators to monitor the test vehicles and our multiple safety systems to ensure that they can be brought safely to a stop in the event of any problem.

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