12th Feb 2018

RC version 8.5 launched for Euro NCAP AEB 2018 testing


AB Dynamics has released v8.5 of its Robot Controller software for the track testing product range. This release includes four new special groups for running the Euro NCAP AEB 2018 protocols for car-to-car and car-to-VRU to make testing much easier. 

The new groups for testing the Euro NCAP AEB 2018 protocols are:

  • Euro NCAP AEB Car-to-car 2018 (VUT) – this includes post processing for the brake characterisation and the main tests, giving the user instant feedback on the validity of the test as well as speed reduction and collision status.
  • Euro NCAP AEB Car-to-car  2018 (GVT) – this is designed to be used with the AB Dynamics Guided Soft Target (GST) which is ideal for this kind of testing.
  • Euro NCAP AEB Car-to-VRU 2018 (VUT).
  • Euro NCAP AEB Car-to-VRU 2018 (VRU) – designed specifically for use with AB Dynamics Soft Pedestrian Target (SPT), this has tests for a pedestrian and a bicyclist as well as for longitudinal and crossing scenarios. It also includes a comprehensive post processing tool for collision checking, considering the seven-point front bumper of the Vehicle Under Test (VUT).

Many other bug fixes and improvements have been made including some which are specific to PowerPMAC controllers:

  • The ability to create time tolerance triggers that allow for seven channels to be used together with many logical expressions
  • Additional time tolerance trigger channels to help post-test analysis

RC v8.5 is available to customers with current support contracts and will be shipped with new systems.

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