11th May 2019

Automotive Testing Expo, Stuttgart 2019

3 D Render 3

AB Dynamics officially unveiled two brand new products at the Automotive Testing Expo at Messe Stuttgart, Germany.

The Ground Traffic Control (GTC) system is a revolutionary new system for vehicle testing that can monitor, control and synchronise multiple vehicles and targets in complex scenarios on the track. Hosted by Dr Richard Simpson, Senior Systems Engineer at AB Dynamics, live demonstrations of the GTC system took place throughout the show’s duration, highlighting its ability to control the increasingly complex testing scenarios required with autonomous vehicles and ADAS evaluation.

The aNVH 250 (250Hz Axle NVH Measurement System) is an advanced development tool that can measure noise, vibration and harshness transmission at frequencies up to 250Hz. Ed Haynes, Chief Engineer at AB Dynamics and main developer of the high frequency linear electric actuator used in aNVH 250, took visitors through the test rig’s unique merits and features.

Also featured was the Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS), which is ideal for DiL evaluation of virtual vehicles; the Flex-0 drive-by-wire controller that offers a cost and time-effective solution for controlling regular cars as ‘background’ traffic when testing AVs; and LaunchPad, a portable, low profile platform designed to carry VRU (Vulnerable Road User) targets.

Continuing the focus on ADAS testing, we also showcased our ability to perform synchronised multi vehicle testing using radio systems which allow 100% reliable data transfer from vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-base on the proving ground and are ideal for driverless and ADAS testing.

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