14th Jun 2019

Advanced Track Testing, Rothenburg - Monday 1st July

Ab Dynamics Host Live Demonstrations At Advanced Track Testing Event

AB Dynamics and partners hosted the Advanced Track Testing event at Rothenburg airfield on Monday 1st July.

Live demonstrations took place including cut-in and cut-out scenarios which are the most challenging Euro NCAP tests for advanced driver assistance systems.

On display were the latest products and solutions from AB Dynamics - ideal for driverless and ADAS testing, including the Flex-0 drive-by-wire controller that offers a cost and time-effective solution for controlling regular cars as ‘background’ traffic when testing AVs; LaunchPad, a portable, low profile platform designed to carry VRU (Vulnerable Road User) targets and GST, a pilotable target for representing vehicles.

Other leading suppliers were present, including DTC, GeneSys, MeasX, OxTS, PolySync, Racelogic, STAC, Stiegele and TBJ.

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