28th Apr 2020

aVDS facilitates advancement in automated driving studies at Kempten University

Vehicle Driving Simulator Enables Advanced Automotive Studies At Kempten University

Research institute Kempten University of Applied Sciences in Germany has made significant progress in their automated driving studies using AB Dynamics' advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator in their Adrive Living Lab.

The University recently unveiled the aVDS to over 100 experts from the automotive industry and participants were impressed by the capability of it. "Until now, driving simulators were very limited in their ability to accurately represent real driving behaviour and for the driver to feel fully immersed. We are exploring how the user can experience new systems and functions in a virtual world and how we achieve perfect harmony between human and vehicle. The advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator brings us much closer to our goals." Said Professor Bernhard Schick at Kempten University. 

MdynamiX AG, a driving attribute specialist for Vehicle Dynamics, ADAS and Automated driving, is a partner of University Kempten. The company is investigating the feel of the steering for improved driver immersion and has designed a scaled-down steering test bench which has been integrated into the aVDS.

Matthias Niegl, Engineer said: “Vehicle dynamics experts are excited by the outstanding behaviour of the aVDS. I have never driven a simulator that feels so natural and realistic. Fast steering response, low latency time, realistic body motion, no disturbance due to over-movement of motion cueing techniques and unnatural simulator vibration. It means the driver can concentrate fully on the actual vehicle experience and rating. We are very proud to have such a sophisticated simulator in our service and development portfolio."

Dr Adrian Simms, Business Director for Laboratory Test Systems at AB Dynamics said: "The aVDS has been designed to be as immersive as possible as this is critical for maintaining the authenticity of the driver’s experience and reactions, so it's great to see valuable progress being made in this area. We look forward to further progress from Kempten in the important areas of ADAS and Autonomous driving."

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