Measure Adas Targets Using Radar Measurement Cart

Radar Measurement Cart

Radar Measurement Cart For Verifying And Calibrating Adas Targets

Accurate position control and measurement

Using DGPS and automatic steering, the Radar Measurement Cart collects 360 degree scans for the verification and calibration of all objects, including ADAS targets, VRUs and real vehicles.

Measure Adas Targets Using Radar Measurement Cart

ISO/SAE/Euro NCAP regulations

The Radar Measurement Cart is used to accurately measure objects compliant to regulations like Euro NCAP, ISO and SAE and record the position and orientation of the sensor with respect to the object.

Measure Targets And Objects Using Ab Dynamics Radar Measurement Cart

Simultaneous Measurements

Objects can be measured concurrently using multiple sensors. The software allows for both fixed range and fixed angle measurement. Fixed range can quantify the full Radar Cross Section (RCS) characteristics of a target using 360-degree scans, and fixed angle measurement replicates the interaction between a target and a vehicle as it approaches the target.

Radar Measurement Cart Used For Verification And Calibration Of Adas Targets

Easy to transport

The Radar Measurement Cart is portable, lightweight and collapsible for easy transport and storage. It is also water resistant, and comes with a rechargeable 12-volt battery.

Radar Measurement Cart With High Quality Sensors For Accuracy

Automotive-grade sensors

The Radar Measurement Cart is provided with a Continental Radar (ARS 408-21) which enables the measurement of the targets' RCS. It also features a touchscreen computer with optional external storage, an automotive-grade 77 GHz radar sensor and data analysis software. The cart does not require an anechoic chamber or turntable.

Radar Plots Circle 1

Tailored solutions

The Radar Measurement Cart is provided with a Trihedral for calibration and analysis software to allow for easy viewing and comparison of measured data. It can be fitted with a variety of additional radar sensors and sensor technologies such as LiDAR, or vision sensors.

Additional calibration objects like spheres and dihedrals are available, and the cart can be integrated with other DGPS/IMU systems.

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