Advanced radar measurement for precise calibration of ADAS targets and real objects, ensuring comprehensive analysis with portability and multi-sensor capabilities.

Highly compatible and versatile

Automating the process of measurement thanks to its in-built navigation and propulsion system, the ScanR stands out with its ability to perform simultaneous measurements using multiple sensors. Its software supports both fixed range and fixed angle measurement, providing a thorough analysis of a target’s RCS characteristics and simulating the interaction between a target and a vehicle.

The cart comes with a Trihedral for calibration and analysis software, facilitating easy viewing and comparison of measured data. It can be fitted with various additional radar sensors and sensor technologies such as LiDAR or vision sensors. Additional calibration objects like spheres and dihedrals are available, and the cart can be integrated with other DGPS/IMU systems.

The ScanR performs 360-degree scans and radial scans from various viewing angles, and it does not require an anechoic chamber or turntable, further enhancing its versatility.

Scanr target scanner


Dimensions and performance
Sensor height
Adjustable from 0.22 to 0.96 m
Automatic path following
User Interface
Touchscreen PC
Rechargeable 12-volt battery
Radar sensor options
Continental ARS408 or Bosch GPR
Calibration object
10 dB-m² trihedral

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