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Need support with your AB Dynamics equipment?

AB Dynamics offer worldwide support, boasting a network of rigorously trained specialists who are kept regularly updated with the latest technologies. All our test systems are running optimally, wherever they are in the world.

You can request support on your AB Dynamics equipment from us on this page or from your local representative.

Track test support

Tel: +44 (0)1225 860 275

Operating hours: 08.30 to 17.00 (GMT)

Email: tracksupport@abdynamics.com


Our AB Dynamics customer portal is secure environment for transferring files, complete list of any support issues and RMAs with the ability to communicate with our support engineers. Support issues and RMAs are listed only for the system that the portal user has access to.

If you are a first time user, you will be required to register your account. Access to view a system support ticket is only granted to users who are listed in our records as a 'technical contact' for the system in question. Contact us to become a technical contact for one or more system.

When logging into the Portal you will be presented with your company's Portal home page. If you are the technical contact for multiple systems, you will needs to select the company you wish to view. The company home page gives access to the following sections:


A summary of your company, including details of your local representative (if applicable) and all other technical contacts listed for your company.


The list of all support tickets for all systems, which you are technical contact for, these are divided into open and closed. By clicking on a ticket will enable you to view more details and have access to a comment box which enables you to speak directly to the assigned AB Dynamics engineers.


Files Page - The files page can be accessed by clicking the link in the menu at the top. This displays a list of files which have been shared by an AB Dynamics engineer to one of the following:

  • Just to you
  • To your company
  • To all technical contacts at all customers with a specific product

The files page enables you to upload files. During this process you will be asked to select one or more.

Support Tickets

This page gives simulator functionality to the Tickets page within the company’s Portal home page (detailed above), but with the ability to filter by company (if applicable), product and system.

Click here to access our Customer Portal.


Software products and releases

Find out the latest version of our Track software systems using the table below.

Track Test Systems

Windows Controller Firmware
Robot Controller - 9.6.2 PowerPMAC - 9.3.4 GST SC - 4.05
DBS - 1.38.2 TurboPMAC - 8.15.4 GST SC (TurboPMAC) – 2.25
Battery Monitor - 2.3.0 CBAR SC (PowerPMAC) – 3.15
RC PP - 2.6.3 CBAR SC (TurboPMAC) – 3.08
Capture + Review - 1.6.0 ABD-GPS Mk II - 3.06
Router Control - 3.2.2 Acc103 - 227.0
RC Post Processor - 1.16.3 SCBS (Web browser control) 4.10
Grapher - 1.5.1 SCBS (LCD screen control) 2.8
Ground Traffic Control Server - 1.5.1
Scenario Generator - 1.2.40
Track Data Service – 1.3.4

Please note that AB Dynamics has identified the following issues:

We have identified a bug in our robot PowerPMAC 9.1.0 - 9.1.7 software affecting path following control within a ‘virtual guide rail’ VGR path section. Specifically, if a vehicle leaves the VGR or crosses the lateral limit, the steering will be commanded to rapidly steer the vehicle back to the path rather than generating a spline based on the reset length. The bug has been fixed in PowerPMAC version 9.1.8 onwards and we would encourage all customers to ensure that their systems are running this version or higher at the earliest opportunity.

We have identified an unlikely, but possible scenario where two simultaneous faults could result in uncontrolled acceleration of the LaunchPad. While the LaunchPad has a dual redundant safety system ensuring that even in this scenario the E-Stop button can be pressed to prevent runaway, the scenario is identified as safety-critical.

We have updated the PowerPMAC software to remove the possibility of this scenario occurring. All LaunchPads should be updated to PowerPMAC v8.18.10 as soon as possible.

Continued use of LaunchPads without updating to PowerPMAC 8.18.10 is done at the user’s sole risk.

A safety critical issue affecting legacy versions of its GST safety controller (version 3.10 and earlier). Users of the GST with safety controller version 3.10 and earlier should contact AB Dynamics to arrange update to the latest version at their earliest convenience.

The safety controller provides independent monitoring of the GST’s main control system and is capable of applying the brakes in the event of a fault being detected or on power failure of the GST. The identified issue can prevent the correct operation of the safety controller in the event of intermittent loss and reconnection of power to the safety controller. This issue is therefore rated as safety critical. Continued use of the GST with legacy versions of the safety controller (version 3.10 and earlier) is done at the user’s sole risk.

Path following users should always follow the steps in our Path Following Safety Checklist, including running tests slowly first, stopping testing if unexpected steering responses are experienced, setting appropriate limits for allowable path following errors and setting appropriate limits for steering velocity and angle. Users with affected code should update to the latest software version as shown above.

Software defects in the below versions which may result in unexpected steering inputs during path following:

  • In legacy PowerPMAC code versions v8.4 to v8.7 inclusive, affecting users running path following tests alongside AB Dynamics' Synchro software.
  • In RC versions 8.15.0 to 8.15.2 inclusive, limited to users running path following tests where a learnt run is used as a template segment.

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