MK2 GST with lower platform enables enhanced ADAS and Autonomous testing


AB Dynamics has launched its next-generation Guided Soft Target (GST) vehicle with a drive over height of just 100mm.

The new lower platform is designed for use in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) and Autonomous vehicle testing and further reduces the risk of damage to the test vehicle and provides precise positioning, speed control and test vehicle synchronisation to generate repeatable, dependable test results.

“ADAS are becoming more widespread and increasingly complex as the automotive industry moves towards incorporating more autonomous functions, so the ability to precisely test these capabilities in a repeatable environment is of vital importance,” explains Andrew Pick, business director for track test systems, AB Dynamics. “Just as the technologies move forward, so too must the enabling test systems that are used for development. The new GST combines all the benefits of the previous generation platform with reduced risk of damage to the test vehicle.”

The Mk2 GST features a class leading 3.5kWh battery that is capable of sustaining a full day’s testing on a single charge, but if necessary can be quickly recharged or topped-up at the track-side via the inbuilt battery management system. Additionally, the lithium iron phosphate battery is formed from six identical packs that can be easily removed for safe shipping. It powers electric motors that can accelerate the GST to velocities in excess of 80km/h and all while being precisely controlled. AB Dynamics’ proprietary TrackFi radio shares position data with other AB Dynamics controllers via the Synchro interface, which allows its motion to be precisely synchronised with the test vehicle and other ADAS targets.

“AB Dynamics is constantly looking for ways to develop its technologies to ensure that we remain at the forefront of vehicle testing and the preferred supplier to major vehicle manufacturers globally,” concludes Pick. “The new GST is a vital tool for testing and proving emerging ADAS technologies, helping to accelerate their route to market.”

Click here for more information about the MK2 GST

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