Heavy Vehicle Adas Testing

ADAS Testing

Lorry And Adas Target

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) are now fitted to many mainstream cars. The development of such systems requires complex testing, including the ability to control relative position between vehicles. With both Euro NCAP and NHTSA prioritising the fitment of technology to warn drivers of an impending collision, AB Dynamics' robots and controllable soft targets have been adopted worldwide as the first choice for ADAS testing.

ADAS testing typically involves creating complex scenarios with multiple vehicles (or soft targets) to see whether the vehicle’s own systems detect an imminent crash. Using AB Dynamics' robots and targets enables these test scenarios to be programmed and run quickly and accurately, giving high repeatability and consistent data.

Sr 150 Truck Test

Vehicle speed control

AB Dynamics offers a range of pedal robots which can be used to control the speed of a vehicle accurately. Pedal robots can be combined with a steering robot or may be used on their own if only longitudinal control is required.

Launch Pad Products

Accurate braking

Using a brake robot or a CBAR, it is possible to achieve consistent accurate braking inputs such as those required for Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) and Forward Collision Warning (FCW) tests. The use of a robot enables far more accurate and repeatable braking than can be achieved by a human driver.


Vehicle-to-vehicle control

The accurate synchronisation of more than one vehicle is key to many types of ADAS development testing. Our Synchro software is a powerful tool for managing the synchronised motion of vehicles and targets.

Soft Pedestrian 360 Active Articulation

Configurable triggers

The ABD Robot Controller software has an extensive array of triggering options which are essential for many types of ADAS test.

Multiple data sources can be combined into a trigger with a variety of logical expressions.

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