Targets For Testing Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

ADAS Platforms &Targets

Adas Targets

Our precision soft targets make accurate, no-harm ADAS testing possible

The AB Dynamics range of ADAS targets builds upon the company’s decades of experience in precise motion control. The range includes whole vehicle targets and vulnerable road user (VRU) targets, all of which can be accurately synchronised with your test vehicle.

Close passes and real impacts

Our ADAS targets allow you to create the scenarios that you need to develop and validate your vehicles’ driver assistance technology.

Together with our driving robots, they enable detailed evaluation of systems such as Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB), ELK (Emergency Lane Keeping), blind-spot warning and intersection collision avoidance systems. All with the security of knowing that if the vehicle hits the target, it won’t be damaged.

Precise motion control

AB Dynamics has a deserved reputation for precision motion control.

Our first path-following robot was developed back in 2000 and was capable of following a path to within a centimetre at speeds of 100kph or more.

We’ve used the same powerful path-following technology and speed control in our vehicle ADAS targets, so you can be confident they’ll go exactly where you want them to.

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Common software environment

ADAS testing requires coordination of multiple moving objects - much simpler if they are all running the same software.

Our ADAS targets use the same powerful RC software as our driving robots, meaning that synchronisation and path-creation is straightforward. Paths and speed profiles are simple to manage and can be copied between driving robots and ADAS targets.

Track Fi 2


AB Dynamics' Synchro is the system we use to ensure your ADAS targets arrive at the intersection point at exactly the same time as your test vehicle.

It uses our dependable TrackFi wireless telemetry system together with advanced proprietary software to guarantee perfect synchronisation, even along complex paths and at varying speeds.

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