AB Dynamics launches class-leading static driving simulator


The aVDS-S static driving simulator brings unprecedented levels of driver immersion to this sector of the market and enhances its growing portfolio of testing equipment that seamlessly links together to efficiently deliver highly detailed, consistent results.

At a time when driver-in-the-loop (DIL) simulation is becoming increasingly essential for the delivery of new vehicle models in a competitive timescale, the aVDS-S provides a cost-effective way to develop vehicle systems and to test complex ADAS scenarios.

The high performance of the aVDS-S has been achieved by using the same driver console and the same brake, steer and seat haptic feedback systems that are used in the dynamic aVDS. Dr Adrian Simms, AB Dynamics’ Business Director – Laboratory Test Systems, explains. “The high-fidelity steering actuator, developed from our track testing product technology, enables the output from steering models to be faithfully recreated,” he says. “The direct drive, low-friction, perceptibly zero cogging, high-bandwidth motor technology has the same continuous torque rating and peak torque capability as the system used on our acclaimed aVDS.”

The aVDS-S also utilises the same rFpro driving environment and aVDS software as other AB Dynamics' simulator products. This means the models and scenarios used on the aVDS-S may be seamlessly copied and driven on any other AB Dynamics driving simulator. 

A feature of the aVDS software is that it is part of AB Dynamics unique integrated software toolchain “Simpia” which facilitates the easy sharing of test scenarios and data between AB Dynamics simulator and track test products. This enables efficient and precise real-world correlation and validation of virtual-world test results. To validate virtual test results using AB Dynamics track test equipment, the Simpia toolchain allows customers to ‘copy and paste’ even the most complex scenarios from the virtual world to the real world, and vice-versa. This provides a significant reduction in test preparation time and resource.

AB Dynamics is currently the only supplier that enables customers to progress from virtual laboratory-based evaluation to real-world track testing in a single digital environment. Kempten University is already experiencing the benefits of Simpia. Professor Bernhard Schick said: “Being able to efficiently correlate results from our virtual and real-world testing environments is providing highly visible savings in terms of time and resources. We have been able to quickly determine what is effective within our product development and also where a greater focus may be required. This ultimately allows us to bring our products to market in a shorter timeframe than if we were using testing equipment that required a testing scenario to be individually set for each piece of hardware.”

Commenting on the competitive cost of the aVDS-S and its usability,  Dr. Adrian Simms, added: “Through aVDS-S, organisations that do not yet have the absolute requirement, or the associated budget, for a highly advanced dynamic driving simulator, such as our aVDS, can still realise many of the benefits of meaningful human involvement early in the vehicle development process.”

“This system facilitates additional time savings within simulation as all low value set up and preparation work can be completed on the static system, or across multiple systems in different locations, and then transferred onto the dynamic simulator. This helps to maximise the time available for meaningful tests on the dynamic platform, making development much more cost effective."

"Vehicle models are now so sophisticated, and the driving environment so exact that vehicles behave in the same way as they would in the real world, and valuable results and data can be achieved in just a fraction of the time as they were previously."

The compact chassis of the aVDS-S, with its integrated electronics and PC hardware, permits easy relocation throughout any facility. The standard 64.5" simulator-grade monitor can be used in daylight conditions and an optional triple screen pack is available for enhanced immersion. Other display options include a projection system with screen, or an augmented reality headset. Digital content is provided by leading software supplier rFpro. 

By adding the aVDS-S static simulator to its existing aVDS-W workstation simulator and class leading aVDS dynamic simulator offerings, AB Dynamics now have a range of simulator offerings that will meet the majority of Customer applications and budgets.

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