Cbar600 Product

Pedal Robots

Pedal Robots

Our pedal robots can be used on their own or combined with a steering robot to provide full control of a vehicle. The brake robot range is used by vehicle manufacturers, brake and tyre suppliers to test and validate vehicle braking performance.

The Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot (CBAR) is the most widely used pedal robot, allowing precise vehicle speed control as well as brake or throttle inputs. The CBAR can be upgraded with a backup safety brake system for use in driverless testing.

The range also includes a throttle robot and a clutch robot which can be combined with a gear-shift robot. As with all AB Dynamic's driving robots, pedal robots can be quickly installed in almost any vehicle, making them ideal for benchmarking competitor vehicles.

Br1000 Underseat

Our pedal robots allow for a variety of control modes:

  • Vehicle speed
  • Brake pedal force
  • Pedal travel
  • Vehicle deceleration
  • Brake line pressure
  • Engine RPM
Cbar600 Product

CBAR - an essential tool in the development of test procedures

The AB Dynamics CBAR is the pedal robot of choice for the organisations that determine tomorrow’s test procedures. Tests can be programmed to include accurate control of the vehicle’s speed in combination with other pedal actions, allowing the creation of complex procedures. All of the seven Euro NCAP labs use the CBAR, along with NHTSA in the USA and Transport Canada.

Cbar With Legs

Compatible with a driver

The mechanical design of our pedal robots (like all of our driving robots) is based upon the concept of allowing a human driver to operate the vehicle safely and comfortably from the driver’s seat, even with the robots installed. The driver is always able to override the robots and take control of the vehicle if necessary.

Pedal robot range



Cbar600 Thumb
  • ADAS testing and durability
  • Max brake force 750N
  • Upgradeable for driverless testing
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Cbar 600 L2
  • Ideal for ADAS testing
  • Lower-profile actuator for improved driver ergonomics
  • Similar performance to CBAR600
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1212 Cbar1000
  • Versatile robot for brake tests and speed control
  • Max brake force 1300N
  • Upgradeable for driverless testing
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RBR600 brake robot


Rbr500 Product Picture
  • Lower cost actuator for brake testing
  • Compact and lightweight rotary actuator
  • Max force 750N
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RBR1500 brake robot


Rbr1500 Product Picture
  • Ideal for aggressive brake stop testing
  • Highest speed and force from rotary actuator
  • Max force 1600N
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AR1 accelerator robot


Accelerator Robot Product Picture
  • Controls throttle position or vehicle speed
  • Can be combined with BR1000
  • Max force 150N
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Case study - Continental tyres

The Continental Tyre company built a ground-breaking facility at its Contidrom centre in Germany, allowing tyre testing to be done indoors using a real vehicle, across a range of road surfaces and climate conditions. The AIBA is fully automated with no driver in the vehicle, and Continental uses six AB Dynamics BR1000 underseat brake robots to ensure perfect control of the braking inputs, which can be triggered at precisely the desired location.

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