New automotive proving ground adopts AB Dynamics’ products


ZalaZone test facility in Hungary has announced an exclusive supply deal with AB Dynamics for the supply of testing equipment. The test track said it has placed a substantial order for driving robots, ADAS platforms and a drive-by-wire system, which will facilitate the creation of complex testing scenarios for the validation of safety systems, including those used on autonomous vehicles.

ZalaZone, which is still under construction, says it will be the largest urban proving ground in Europe and feature a highway, high-speed oval track and Smart City Zone along with a 1.2-mile handling course for testing stability, steering and lane-keeping assist functions.

Providing detail on the equipment to be acquired, the company noted that it selected AB Dynamics’ SR60 Orbit steering robots and combined brake and accelerator robot (CBAR) so that vehicles can be controlled to drive accurately and repeatedly to create desired scenarios.

Additionally, it will receive ADAS targets including AB Dynamics’ Guided Soft Target (GST) for representing real vehicles along with Soft Pedestrian Target (SPT) and LaunchPad platforms for representing vulnerable road users (VRUs) in test scenarios. It stated that the Flex-0 drive-by-wire control system was selected as a cost and time-effective solution for populating regular cars as other ‘background’ traffic with minimal risk of collision.

Zoltán Hamar, CEO of ZalaZone, explained the reasoning behind using a single supplier; “We chose AB Dynamics as our sole supplier as we were impressed by their technical knowledge and expertise. This, combined with their comprehensive suite of test equipment which met all our current and future requirements, made it a clear choice. We look forward to working together and exploring their lab-based products in the future.”

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