RC Software version 9.00 due early 2021; only for Power controllers


AB Dynamics has announced that it will release a major new version of its benchmark Robot Controller (RC) software in early 2021 for robots and ADAS platforms with Power controllers.

Additions include the new Scenario Generation tool and a new Grapher module for detailed test data analysis and post-processing. V9.00 will have a raft of enhancements and new features and will be suitable for use on all AB Dynamics driving robotsADAS platforms and by-wire controllers provided they have current generation motion control hardware.  

Older systems using UMAC/TurboPMAC control hardware will need to be upgraded to run the new software version. Details of how this will be achieved are given below.

AB Dynamics launched Power controllers in late 2016, (see download specification here) benefitting from a significant increase in processing power, memory and flexibility that the new architecture provided. Power controllers offer significant improvements in data capture capability, triggering options, I/O, Synchro scenario complexity and error handling over previous generations of robot controller.

Customers with older systems wishing to retain access to future software updates and enhancements are encouraged to contact AB Dynamics or their local sales channel regarding the upgrade of their robots and platforms. 

Does my system have a Power Controller?

All robots controllers with Power architecture are connected to the PC user interface via Ethernet cable. Older generations of controllers used USB or serial connections. 

Contact AB Dynamics if you’re not sure which version of controller your systems use.

How to upgrade your systems?

  • Driving robots – will require a new Power controller.  Mechanical hardware (actuators) and software licences can be carried across.  New controllers will be built at AB Dynamics in the UK and will benefit from a fresh calibration and check-over with the existing actuators – this can be done at AB Dynamics locations in the UK, Germany, USA and Japan. All new controllers also come with the benefit of a 12 month parts and labour warranty. 
  • GST & SCT – upgrade of platform to fit new Power control hardware can be done by AB Dynamics at its locations in the UK, Germany, USA and Japan.  Upgrade can also be performed by AB Dynamics at customer locations.
  • LaunchPad– all are already fitted with Power controllers
  • Flex-0 – all are already fitted with Power controllers CAN-Omni – will require a new controller (i.e. upgrade to Flex-0).  Software licences can be transferred.
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