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Gtc System For Collision Prevention When Track Testing

Ground Traffic Control

A full track test management solution, the Ground Traffic Control monitors, commands and coordinates your proving ground vehicle testing. This includes ADAS platforms, human and robot-controlled vehicles along with fixed proving ground infrastructure.

A Vds

Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator

The aVDS is a professional automotive simulator which delivers unprecedented levels of realism and a class leading 6DoF dynamic performance for a more tightly integrated driver-in-the-loop experience. It is used for virtual vehicle testing and development, offering significant time and money savings over physical testing.

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ADAS targets with Synchro

AB Dynamics' controllable soft targets are used with our unique proprietary technology to recreate complex traffic environments such as those used in swarm testing. The range includes whole vehicle targets and vulnerable road user (VRU) targets all of which can be accurately synchronised with your test vehicle.

Anvh 250


The Axle level 250Hz NVH rig is a development tool for measuring noise, vibration and harshness transmission at frequencies up to 250Hz, opitmising the characteristics of prototype axle systems early in the design process and avoiding the need for expensive NVH fixes in the production vehicle.

  • For the products we have purchased from ABD, we have yet to find alternatives that come anywhere close to equalling them.

    MIRA Ltd, UK Simon Aldworth, Senior Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics

  • During the last 13 years we’ve performed more than 2300 track tests with our ABD Steering Robots and encountered hardly any issues.

    Ford, Belgium Bart Lenaerts, Senior Engineer Vehicle Dynamics

  • We have no hesitation in recommending ABD Robot solutions for objective vehicle testing.

    Honda R&D, UK Chris Regan, Senior Project Engineer

  • The ABD software has been performing without incident.

    Cary Ketelhut, American Axle & Manufacturing Sr. Manufacturing Engineer

  • Short model cycles and ever more extensive measurement tasks require extremely reliable measuring technology. Since 2002, driving robot systems from Anthony Best Dynamics have been important success components in test projects of the BMW Group.

    BMW, Germany Philipp Ludwig, Head of Measurement Technology for chassis development

  • With time and increasing complexity of automotive engineering, ABD’s robots became the most efficient tools of our testing department, to provide images of the car's dynamic performances.

    Renault, France Emmanuel Dallier, Vehicle Dynamics

  • The software produces order plots that are quick, user friendly, slick and insightful. The people at ABD in the UK are really competent. Their support has been superb. They know their product, they know our applications, and they help us figure out what’s wrong when we get stumped.

    New Venture Gear Inc Ed Karl, Warranty & Reliability Manager

  • We are looking forward to new products coming from this great company. Keep up the great work, helping manufacturers produce better and safer cars.

    Toyota Technical Center, USA George Van Kaam, Senior Technician

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